AmoLatina Review

AmoLatina is an online dating service for those who are interested in meeting single South American and Latin American women. The women come from South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela as well as from Central America. You can even find women who are available to date in the US as well as in some European countries.

The site has a lot of beautiful women (see the photos below), which should be of no surprise as Latin American women are known for their beauty… just take a look at the Miss Universe competition and you will see that 5 …

Ashley Madison Experiment

This post was sent in from a reader of the blog. This is part 1 of his Ashley Madison experiment. Check back in the next week for part 2 as he gives the details of how each of his dates went.

I decided that it was time for me to have an affair (forget the fact that I’m actually in an open relationship, so technically it wouldn’t be cheating), and to do so by using Ashley Madison to find me some married women (What… it’s not my fault if they aren’t getting the goods at home!).…

Ashley Madison Review By A Married Woman

I’ve been checking this site out for a while and decided to share my own story to help out those women and men who are thinking about having an affair. Before going into my own situation, I’d like to go into a few things you may want to consider before deciding on cheating on your spouse.

When determining how to have an affair, it’s important to choose between either a short term affair versus a long term affair. Generally, a short term affair works better in your favor as it’s easier to get away with and you don’t have to worry about …

Sexy Ideas To Help You Get Back In Action

When you would rather put on some PJ’s and snuggle up to the bowl of Jelly Bellies than put on your lacey things and snuggle up to your tasty boy toy, you may suffer from dating dispassion. While an occasional night at home with Tivo is healthy, losing momentum in the romance department is not. So, to help launch lazy lovers back into action, here are five titillating ideas for dates, explanations of what you can expect during these dates and where to find them.…

Married But Looking

Are you married but looking at the possibility of having an affair?

First you should answer the following questions to see if you having an affair is right for you:

  1. Are you currently catching yourself staring and admiring another woman or man even though you are married?
  2. Do you wonder about the best places to go to to have an affair?
  3. Ever have thoughts about managing an extra marital affair?
  4. Are you worried that an affair will be hard or impossible?

I’m sure that if you’re reading this, that you’ve probably answered ‘yes’ to the questions above. You shouldn’t worry; …

Keys To A Successful Intercultural Relationship

Creating and maintaining a successful intercultural relationship takes work. In my experience, people are more easily able to maintain close relationships with others in their own culture because it’s easier to do so; when you grow up in the same basic environment as another person, you have your own common-ground as a basis for any relationship. People from the same cultures can use what I like to call a “cultural shorthand”, in order to quickly establish rapport and to create friendships. With different cultural backgrounds in play, it’s a little harder but it still can be done.…

Keeping Your Relationship Healthy

How are you feeling about your relationship as of late? Feeling like there’s nothing wrong, per se, however at the same time things don’t feel right?

Even healthy relationships go through ruts where there are feelings of boredom, negativity, and perhaps even apathy. Our lives are filled with daily routines that we adhere to – and while routines can be comforting, they can also begin to grow old and feel stale. Family mealtime conversation becomes dull; hanging out together feels like an obligation; sex is just going through the motions.…